Sunday, September 28, 2008

Random Night Explorations...

Sime Road
Mysterious tombstones beside posh private housings

Decided to head to Sime Road to explore the place late at night. It was way past 2am, as i drove there. Sime Road is a place that is unique, because nested within the long deserted roads that leads to various exclusive private housings, including the Swiss Embassy, are tombstones, some of which lay just beside the road in....

Decided to shoot a video of the tombstones beside the road, as it is not respectful taking flash digital shots of them at night. I can imagine how the glaring flashes can be so irritating...The road was long, quiet and deserted...

The place is calm and peaceful to be honest, and along the way, I chanced upon a strange tree that seemed a little eerie, the way it was and looked. Here's the picture of that tree:

I moved on, taking some shots of dark looking places, that was where the action really came to live! Felt a bit of goosebumps during the places where it was especially dark, and as i was taking the pictures from the safety of the car, i felt as if something was coming towards me, and it made me want to quickly wind up the windows and drive off! When i went back to view those pictures, they were bursting with orbs!! But well, it could all be just lots of dust particles and over imagination. You decide for yourself:

First shot of the place dubbed 'The end of the road'...the orbs were everywhere....

2nd shot, the orbs still there but some grew in size, the big ones as if they moved and was just in front of my camera, can be seen!

Nothing here though....

One small, uneventful i made my exit from Sime Road. Other than the place dubbed the end of the road, this place is ok, not too much spooks, or place to explore. Therefore, probably debunked as a haunted place....


Kent Ridge NUS

old houses along NUS, just before PGP

What is the history of NUS? Why are there houses still left empty today? This night exploration is a follow up to some of the mysteries of NUS as mentioned in the earlier entry. Indeed, the history of NUS and the campus grounds are rich and long. And during my online research, i actually managed to find some clues as to who used to occupy the abandoned houses that we find today!

NUS officially got its name in the 1960s. Named the University of Singapore then, it used to house students who came from overseas to study. The rows of houses at the back of Kent Ridge was one such place that housed overseas students.

Alan Cottrell was one such student. The following pictures showcased photos of his time in Singapore. Alan was in Singapore from 1963 to 1967.

His first 'Quarters' in Singapore - 17 Prince George's Park - just below The Gap and Kent Ridge.

Another view of his dormitory house in NUS. Notice a suspicious big bright orb on top of the tree!

View taken from a scenic location that overlooks the harbor. Looks similar to the view that we have now, from the Arts Canteen!

Some of the pictures above are strikingly similar to the pictures of the following houses taken along the road to PGP. Any of them could be the house that Alan stayed!

Remarkably similar!

The houses look pretty well maintained, although remnants of the past are still evident: The window panes from the 60s, curvy shaped grills and wooden doors. I took several pictures of the houses, nothing was really brewing, but when i went back to take a look at some of the pictures by brightening the image, several pictures turned up with unexpected results:

Mild picture, but with several orbs visible just above the ground floor unit...

Two bright orbs can be seen visibly, one hovering at the left hand corner, near to the edge of the picture, as well as another lingering above the window on the left hand corner of the 2nd floor.

More obvious orbs are captured floating around the roof of the house, some of which appeared to be coming towards me.

More orbs captured around the tree area, of a spot where it was dark.

This picture, taken from the side of one of the houses, shows quite a clear and bright orb. Zooming in, you can see that there appeared to be a facial feature of a lady within the orb. Resident paranormal phenomena from from the past? Could be....

Picture taken of the 2nd floor room. Can see that the windows are 'opened' and you can see the inside of the room. But nothing much. Although several interesting pictures were captured, none of those posed any reason to believe that there are signs of haunting, as everything was still quite calm and peaceful. Therefore, i have concluded that NUS Kent Ridge is not haunted!


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