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Ghost Club SG Night Investigation 1!

Our first ever maiden night investigation kicked off on the 19th September 2008, a cool, moonlit Friday night! The Area of our investigation today - Woodlands. In particular we would like to explore 3 places there suggested as haunted places: The infamous View Road Hospital; Abandoned Primary School and a long stretch of supposedly deserted road. Manpower for the Day: 4 of us comprising of:

Lead Investigator Agent BT - (Myself) Age 29, social service sector

Investigator Agent J - Age 18, student

Investigator Agent G - Age 18, student

Training Investigator Agent Y - Age 16, student

Equipments check.

Left: Walkie Talkies.
Essential if we are breaking up into groups but of course may suffer from interference fright from the unknown.

Top right: Little powerful torch light.
The key is to illuminate the room but not flood the room with light. The lesser the light, the better to pick out shadows.

Bottom right: EMF Reader.
Trusty equipment to gauge surges in electro-magnetic field energy that may indicate the presence of some energy forces other than those we normally know.

Not in picture: Camera
Cameras capture things we sometimes cannot see from the naked eyes, but yet may only appear upon reviewing...

Off we went! The ride to Woodlands from Clementi was a long one, but we took the chance to catch up on each other's happenings, life and recent events. It was enjoyable!


Former psychiatric hospital, abandoned.

After reaching Woodlands, we took a while to find the place. Finally found it. The road up looks pretty eerie. Dark and quiet. Good good....or so we thought. Proceeding further in, we saw more and more lights. Already, we felt not right. It is just too bright! Our hunch came true. The place is no longer haunted or abandoned. It has been converted to a foreign worker dormitory! Civilization was everywhere. Lights, fans turning, vending machine, even a canteen for the workers! Hmm...maybe these are the workers who had to settle in here after the Serangoon Garden saga??? What a spoiler. Spook Factor just dipped to 1/10 (sympathy marks given to the road leading up to the dorm).


Abandoned primary school along Marsiling Lane.

Picking ourselves up from the initial disappointment, we continued our journey to explore the abandoned primary school just around the corner near where View Road is. And we found it pretty easily, nested within civilization, around HDB blocks. The gates of the school were opened. Hmm...we found it strange. Were they anticipating that we are coming???? or did we get the wrong location.

We walked in to explore. Sure enough it was indeed an abandoned school. And as we reached the porch of the main entrance, we saw a security guard's table there. There was a stinky fishy urine smell that greeted us as we reached the porch. Did the guard saw something, peed in his pants and ran away??? Just then we heard footsteps. Someone is coming, claimed Agent J. Sure indeed, a security guard appeared. He saw us standing in front of the porch.

Immediately, I stepped in with my interpersonal skills =p. Here at Ghost Club SG, our motto is not to trespass or intrude, but to gain permission through legal and approachable manner to conduct our investigations and exploring. We do not run away from security guards or climb over fences.

Therefore, we casually chit chatted with the friendly guard, stated who we are and told him about our objectives here. He mistook us as members from SPI, but we are not, we are our own independent group, although Agent J and Agent G were former SPI members. We gained his trust and support, and he allowed us to go in to take a look! He was friendly enough to even unlock the gates to give us access to all levels in the school, although he did mentioned that he only does patrolling up to the 2nd level.

Hmm...what lurks up in the 3rd or 4th level? He evaded our questions, just stating it is only necessary to patrol the 2nd level.Up we went! We explored the 2nd level first...

Long, spooky looking corridor...anything lurking ahead?

Spot the orb in the picture above? Here in Ghost Club SG, orbs are equally fascinating and intriguing to capture. While some paranormal groups claim that orbs represent the possibility of paranormal activities, the truth is 90% of all orbs are either dusk particles or light reflected upon other surfaces; are probably the easiest to capture but does not mean or say anything conclusive. So we will usually not take them too conclusive of anything paranormal.
Nothing much in the 2nd level feelings...EMF reader is pretty stable, not even the presence of any orbs at all...Yes the school is abandoned, but it looks pretty new. Unused since 2001, which is pretty recent. Spook Factor 0/10! We also decided to try exploring the toilets, usually the stories of many hauntings, whichever school you go to. And strangely, most of the stories emulate from the girls toilet...

Nothing though...

Of course we didn't spare the male's toilet too....

Nothing there as well.....everything was pretty calm and peaceful still....

We proceeded up to the 3rd floor.

More dark corridors, but otherwise pretty peaceful and calm...

Look closely in the picture above and you will notice a mass of orbs floating just in front of the metal railings (click on picture to enlarge). Again, fascinating but inconclusive. Could just be the camera flash being reflected by the glass window and onto us.

Probably the 3rd floor is the darkest of the whole school, even our camera had trouble focusing on some areas. But other than that, we felt no strange or uneasy feelings whatsoever. Everything was normal. The only incident worthy to report was that we found some pretty fresh blood stains on the 3rd floor corridor near the back of the toilets. Looked like animal blood, but no body or carcass.

More orbs, hovering along the corridor and above the railings (click to view enlarged picture), but well, no feeling of anything paranormal....

We eventually found out from the guard that the fishy urine smell actually came from the school hall as it had become a temporary holding market. That explains the smell and the open gates. We decided to wrap up our investigation at the school, and concluded that Spook Factor will be 1/10 (1 being the mysterious blood patch found in level 3) but other than that, we can debunk that this abandoned primary school is definitely not haunted.


Long stretch of lonely, deserted and spooky road.

After yet another disappointing investigation of the abandoned primary school, we head to the supposedly long stretch of deserted road along Woodlands Ave 12, where people had claimed that it is very quiet and spooky. But when we reached there, it was equally disappointing! It is indeed a long stretch of road but hardly spooky because it is afterall along a used stretch of road with working street lamps and all! And there were still vehicles. Ok it was still early then, about 11.45pm, but still, hardly drew any hair raising feelings at all! This was probably the fastest debunking investigation!


Mysterious abandoned private house in the heart of Punggol Town.

We looked at our watch and realized it was only midnight!! A dampening investigation so far. Looks like Singapore is really turning into a place where there is no room for a building to be left abandoned or vacant! With a quick discussion, we decided to head back to the east, where we are quite sure there will be opportunities for us to do real investigations: the infamous Changi. And along the way there, we headed past TPE and the road sign indicated "Punggol". I suddenly remembered, hey we can go check out the Matilda's house and maybe Punggol Jetty World War 2 Massacre Beach. So we made a stopover at Punggol before Changi!

From the main road, it is not easy to even spot Matilda's house at night, because it is situated right inside a patch of grassy plot of land...but take a closer look and you will not miss her, a big grand half ruined house still sits solidly.

Grand old Matilda's House, now fenced up by gates...Looks like we are going to be disappointed again...

We walked towards the main gate area and found that it is being secured by cameras, including an infra-red sensing device (circled). Oh man, looks like this place is definitely out of bounds. We noticed that there was another group of youths also coming to explore the place. They were behind us, 4 of them. When 8 of us reached the house and noticed to camera, we concluded that we will create an alarm if we proceeded further. And sure enough, one of the youths accidentally touched the metal fence and an alarm started ringing! Ok time to leave. No hurry though, because we didn't do anything wrong or entered the place. So we just proceeded out of the fields. There goes another investigation. The place sure looks promising, if not for the cameras.

SPOOK FACTOR: unable to be determined

Punggol Beach was also not eventful, nothing much captured except for a tree that had some interesting laterns hanging from the branches. Left over from the lantern festivals? Not sure. But looks like some religious or ritual type thing. See if you can spot them...

The strangest looking things can be washed ashore sometimes....have no idea what that is...

We chanced upon some place that looks like it has become a temporary home or make out place for someone, or perhaps fishermen's resting area...but other than the mysterious lanterns earlier on, nothing much to report from the beach...We were quite intrigued that the group of 4 young adults were actually following us on our expedition around Punggol, even though the exploration so far turned out fruitless....oh no the investigation is turning out into an uneventful one!!


Barracks abandoned since WWII, used to house POWS during the Japanese Occupation.

We decided to head on to the infamous Changi, place where tales were rampant. Surely we can get something out of here! Surprisingly, the 4 young adults agreed to follow us as we drove to Changi. They were in a red van. So 8 of us proceeded to Roberts Barracks at Changi. Roberts Barracks is a place that I have frequented quite often, and so have my fellow agents. It is a place filled with history, backed by stories of anguish, pain and suffering, but nothing too sinister or threatening. But it is the first time that I had ventured there at about 2am in the morning...

Grand front view of Roberts Barracks...always majestic, no matter which time of the night you see it...
When we reached Roberts Barracks and walked up with the rest of the 4 young adults, they kind of chickened out at the front of the building...and they decided to turn the 4 of us decided to continue on was kind of dark, but being familiar with the place, it was not that intimidating...the walk around was ok...peaceful and pretty calm...
Main hall of Roberts Barracks....
We explored mostly the first floor of Roberts Barracks, around the various rooms and along the corridors...

And into the room where we have had strange feelings in the past before, and where on the doors there were joss sticks being offered...Agent J later mentioned that he had smelt joss sticks smoke, but i was quite certain the joss sticks were there the last time i came here to investigate about 3 months ago...probably the smell could have lingered around still if the place is cooped up...

Strange string of vines that came from above...the only one there, making it look a little out of place...a night stick hung from it...the venue of some fright night maybe?

A chair that stands isolated in the middle of the other part of Roberts Barrack hall...strange...

EMF reader picked up some fluctuations here and there, but it was not very conclusive. But as we walked around a little more, it seems that the feeling was becoming slightly colder and uneasy, well, at least for me....

Did not want to alarm anyone, but was steadying my body for any little feelings I may be getting...Agent J was indeed picking up readings of 1.5, 1.4, 1.1 etc...steady changes and away from the normal range...i was pointing my camera and taking random shots...but the feeling remained. Not threatening, but just as if there were people reminding us that they are (yes, more than one certainly) around.

We took a brief walk around. Somehow, the rest were following closely and taking my cue to where we were heading...Strangely, i also felt that there were more than just the 4 of us moving, as if there were more people following us, just following, but not doing anything.

So on ocassions, i took pictures of our behind as we walked...Only after reviewing that I realized we were indeed being followed, by a pretty bright orb, persistently and faithfully, in various locations! Above picture shows the orb following us along one stretch of the corridor...

When we moved into another section of the corridor, and I still had the feeling of being followed, I turned behind and snapped a shot. Sure enough, the orb was still following us...pretty distinctively...

Finally when we decided to head back out into the parade square, before stepping out, i decided to take one last shot of the corridor...What struck me next was only after reviewing the pictures at home. When i saw this shot of the orb hovering around the guard's table, it suddenly struck my mind. Could this be the spirit of the security guard who was murdered many years ago? Maybe he was still guarding this place and intrigued by our visit??

Of course I didn't know any of these photos had orbs in them, and I finally led the group out of the hall and back to the parade square....At this stage the uneasy feeling was still there, and I kinda pointed my camera to directions where i thought they were coming from, seemed to be from the upper level of the barracks. After standing there and taking some pictures, my feelings turned into goosebumps...and i do mean goosebumps..

Review of the pictures showed orbs floating around the building indeed. As if the soldiers from the past were intrigued by our presence and came out to welcome us...While the orbs were again inconclusive to suggest real paranormal happenings, this particular incident had slightly more validity because it coincided with personal feelings of uneasiness and was manifested with the physical symptoms of goosebumps, unlike the orbs captured in the abandoned school..

Another orb was captured beside the tree next to the building. By this time, I concluded we have had enough, a short breeze was blowing by and my goosebumps did not subside, so we bade the Barracks goodbye and made our way out of the place. This place is definitely one worthy of experiences, not threatening, just goosebumps.


After that pretty interesting experience, we re-met the youths who did not want to go into the barracks back down at the road, and asked if they would like to follow us to the other row of barracks just opposite the Commando Camp. They said alright. But we headed in first, so as not to make too much noise...The time now was perfect, right in the dead of night, as we headed into the other barracks. The road up was very dark, and pretty spooky indeed. We stopped and alighted to the infamous barracks where we had an experience before...

"The year was 2005, 4 of us did a recce at Changi Commando barracks because we wanted to organize a paranormal trip for a larger group there. One of my friends, C, could see things. Our code of understanding is that we will take cues from C, and if she is uncomfortable, we would leave quietly.

At the barracks, she stopped us on several ocassions. We knew something was amiss, but after stopping for a while she told us to continue on...and while walking, she suddenly told us to turn back and leave, keeping to the right side of the road, strictly, she emphasized. Later we processed and asked her what happened.

She had initially seen a man with a dog standing at the entrance of the barracks. They were not moving, just keeping still, and she took a while to ascertain that they are not human, but not threatening as well, that was why she told us to carry on. And as we were walking, she said she saw a platoon of soldiers marching on the left side of the parade square, and if we did not keep right, they will march straight towards us...." wow...

So this trip was definitely one worthy to explore. While waiting there below the barracks for the 4 other youths to come, we kind of felt a little uneasy. We were looking around, all 4 of us, it was as if it was simultaneous, we started to appear a little edgy and nervous. Agent J told us to focus on the bushes straight ahead, and pointed to us. We paid full attention there. Then we heard a voice, I heard a muttering of incoherent speech, and i could not make anything out of the words, and Agent J said he saw a whitish patch of thing starting to appear from the bushes straight ahead. At this stage, we sensed a bit of danger, and suddenly we felt a surge of wind coming from the bushes. It was literally like the bushes were suaying. "Get into the car!", "Let's go man!". We got in the car, and i managed to take one shot of the bushes before we left.
The picture was brightened upon review because it was too dark to even spot or see anything. Upon brightening of the picture, sure indeed, we could see an orb, quite a large one, appearing. There seem to be other smaller orbs around, but it was the white patch of 'thing' that intrigued us.

We headed down and realized the 4 youths were down there in one of the barracks at the foot of the slope. We told them of our experience and we wanted to go up there to 'try' again. So we proceeded up there. But no experience whatsoever the 2nd time around. And we also noticed that all the barracks were now protected by security video cameras and infra red sensors. So we cannot go in to explore. But as we were up there we did noticed that strangely, 2 sets of windows were opened, along the same vertical line, and they were the only two windows out of the whole barracks that were opened...significance? Not sure...spooks, definitely!


Hospital with rich history, dating all the way back to WWII, housed terminal patients, POWs and Psychiatric patients...

After that adventure, we headed to the infamous Old Changi Hospital. This place is also a place that has been explored many times by many people, and even became regular venues for orientation fright night. And that is something I totally am against, because it is plain showing disrespect and lack of courtesy to the history of the place. And the place has also been sadly vandalized by many people, also an extreme sign of disrespect...

Well, the place was generally ok, readings from EMF was stable, we weren't picking up any feelings and certainly, no orbs or strange pictures captured.

The infamous lift that leads to the mortuary...too bad it is not working...

Only thing worth looking at is this picture below where a few orbs were captured. But probably dust particles considering that the place is so run down and conclude for yourself!

It was just a sad place, to be honest, and after walking around a while, we decided to end our exploration of the place...

Nature call anyone? =p. With this, it concludes our exploring of OCH.


Looking at the time, it is already 3.30am. Way past bedtime!! We adjourned for prata supper, before finally heading home....Overall, an enjoyable experience, our first expedition. Certainly looking forward for more!

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