Wednesday, April 21, 2010

RESPECT the DEAD. GhostClubSG draws a line.

Its easy to get carried away with the paranormal world, because it draws so much fascination and intrigue, many people take advantage of this to create sensation, drama and in worst cases, incitement, provocation and disrespect to the dead. And all these, worst still, to make money.

Extreme Paranormal. A group reputedly investigates paranormal activity. But they dont just investigate. They provoke, taunt and incite spirits of the dead. It is thoroughly disrespectful, tasteless and totally silly and disgraceful. GHOSTClub SG draws the line and strongly condemn people who show disrespect for the dead and the unknown. We are here to explore and understand, not provoke or create stress to spirits of the dead. They ARE INNOCENT and they do not deserve our intervention to be taunted and scolded.

People who do that will be punished, one day, for dabbling with the unknown. Do not do what you want others to do to you. For doing all that incitement and provocation, one day, these people will get their just desserts. For Goodness Sake, don't be like them. You deserve no respect. And please do not spoil the reputation of us serious and respectful paranormal explorers.

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