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Expedition 7 (Part II) - Old Punggol, Still Road Abandoned House, Old Changi Hospital, Abandoned Swimming Pool Daytime Investigation


This is an entry dated last year, and posted only now, as there was a whole barrage of pictures that we had taken and things we had found durinf this day time expedition. Enjoy!

Expedition 7 (Part II) -26th September 2009.

This expedition takes us on a day time journey into 4 different places: Old Punggol, Still Road Abandoned House, Old Changi Hospital and a follow up of the Yan Kit Abandoned Swimming Complex. It is amazing how day time allows us to take on and see different things that we might not have come across at night. And it is equally spooky how things we see in day time can be too! The following images tracks our Expedition 7 investigation. This is the story of our investigation:

Old Punggol Road
Our first stop takes us to the North East, often forgotten deserted part of Singapore: Old Punggol Road. At Old Punggol, you can still find alot of untapped forests, trees and jungles amidst the new HDB blocks of flats and semi-completed upcoming HDB blocks..Punggol is also one of Singapore's oldest known neighbourhoods in historical records, it is known to have existed as long as 200 years ago, even before Sir Stamford Raffles arrived in Singapore. Back then, it was occupied by fishermen who caught fish for their livelihood and built their villages near the sea. Today, the government is seemingly bringing the glory of Punggol back. With the soon to be completed Coney Island and Punggol waterway replicating the gondola from Venice, Punggol is certainly the new up and coming exciting feature of Singapore living.

But don't be fooled by all the nice future plans, for Punggol is a part of Singapore where a darker and horrible past lies, still vivid to many senior citizens. A stone's throw away from the more 'popular' Matilda's House that shares an equally intriguing story, Punggol Point and Beach is one of the infamous sites of the Sook Chin Massacre during the Japanese Occupation.

According to historical records, some 300-400 Chinese were shot at Punngol Point by the infamous Kempei shooting squad. These Chinese were a group of 1000 men who were detained by the Japs during a door to door search of anti-Japanese citizens in the Upper Serangoon area. Today, stories of spooks at Punggol Beach are varied. Ocassionally you can also still spot joss sticks and offering to the restless spirits killed during WWII. There are also reports of strange urns being found at Punggol, as well as an old abandoned house on the stretch of road before Punggol Beach. While Punggol Beach is a place visited by many and explored by alot of paranormal groups, SGhostClub decides to do a day time investigation to see if we are able to find the abandoned house instead.

Driving along the stretch of long road leading to Punggol Beach, we tried to look out for the abandoned house. We had last seen this house almost 5 years ago when we passed by there enroute to the Punggol Campsite, where we are having a camp for a group of our students from Yuan Ching Sec. Today, Agent MaxX, a former Yuan Ching student who have since graduated and now in RP, recalls how the bus passed by that abandoned house and how Mr T exclaimed to the class this house and drew the intrigue of Agent MaxX. And taa daa, today, we have formed our own paranormal group and conduct our own investigations. We stopped, alighted and walked around until I noticed something wierd in the ground. 'Wait!! What's that??!' I pointed.

We were stunned. Its a body, a decomposing carass of something. What is it? For a moment, I thought it was the skin of a snake, but on closer inspection, I noticed legs and feets. It was a decomposing monitor lizard! From the length of the lizard, it must be a full grown adult lizard, its length was almost half a metre long! It seems to have died rather violently as we are not able to find its head. Perhaps the ghost of this lizard is now haunting this stretch of road.

Other than this unusual find, we were not able to find the abandoned house. Construction was seen deeper into the forested area, it seems that there is some development happening, and hence the lost of the abandoned house as well. Nothing here! Disappointed, we decided to explore another East side famous haunt.

Still Road Abandoned House

Our next day tour takes us to Marine Parade, where exists an abandoned house that no body seems to know who owns it or what lies in the history of the place. The Still Road abandoned house lies in full view of everyone, near to the busy Parkway Parade, just a stone's throw away. It is certainly no secret. But what past lies in this house, and who does it belong to?

After some tough thorough research, SGhostClub managed to dig out some information regarding this abandoned house. Our find revealed that this house, located at 25 and 26 Still Road, is actually a hotel and not a house! And what a rich history it had. Formerly known as the Grand Hotel, it was build in 1917 by Moona Kader Sultan, a wealthy Indian cattle merchant. It was apparently a grand hotel (well, so apt according to the name) spanning 4 huge complexes, but it was later split up due to the construction of Still Road. Today, only a part of the old complex remains. Remnants of the other complexes are long gone, and the sad state of the current building is all it stands of the Grand Hotel, not so grand already.

Shoots are starting to overgrow and the whole place looks pretty dead. However though, it seems that even though the place is abandoned, the paint and the overall grass seemed well kept and trimmed! Perhaps some decendents of Mr Moona is still keeping this place tidied. A fence with barbed wires stand in between us and the house. I do remember a few years ago, this fence was not up and people could just scale past the low surroundings and walk into the hotel. Not anymore. And so, we decided to leave the place and respect the fence keeping people out.

This little east part of Singapore looks pretty uneventful too, as we made our way back to the car and onto our next eastern tip location. This one is the ever infamous Changi Village, home to many haunted stories and also one of the Sook Ching Massacre sites. We decided to head on to our familiar OCH and compare our night investigations with this day time investigations, and do a full sweep of the entire place, something we have not quite able to do at night because of the potential risks of physical harm and danger.

Agent MaxX walking back to our car and donning SGhostClub's new dri-fit polo T shirt! It looks pretty nice and smart on him indeed!

Old Changi Hospital Daytime

This place needs no introduction. One of, if not the most illustrated and rich stories-filled haunted places in Singapore: Old Changi Hospital. It is filled with rich history spanning the British Colony, World War II and the recent SAF Psychiatric Ward. Old Changi Hospital is glittered with stories of people who have experienced unexplained things while exploring this place. Despite it being so widely explored and popular among neitizens and paranormal freaks, the OCH is still filled with endless stories and encounters! Even in day time, this place is filled with intrigue and interesting finds, much of which would have been otherwise unseen at night time. This is what we found during our exploration.

The paranormal grandure of OCH is presented to us the moment we step into its compounds. Its tall, unmistaken architecture of the past appears right before our eyes. The old and somewhat sinister CHANGI HOSPITAL wordings stands out amidst the run down and sadly vandalized state of the buildings.

The glitter of vandalism and spray paints makes Old Changi Hospital distasteful. While some of the vandalism is purely an act of mischief, there are the more sinister ones that points to some cult or Satan worship in the forms of words or diagrams. Whether they are purely in a joking manner, somehow, you never know what you potentially create by spraying those Satanic shapes. This all adds to the intriguing and potentially dangerous aspect of any exploration!

Our first find at the entrance of OCH and where the security guard table stood: Chinese Hell papers. Most of the parts are burnt but some remain, on the old dusty road that greeted us. Its almost saying Welcome to Hell.

Indeed the entrance area does look like it is the entrance to HELL, made more real by the many vandalism pictures of skulls and words that say HELL is HERE.

More pictures of scary looking monsters and Hellish creatures continue to greet us as we stepped into the front porch of OCH. The colourful shades and variety of names of people who are here are everywhere to see.

We decided to walk to the side of the hospital today instead, because the main entrance is a place that we had often walk many times in the past, so we decided to do a different route. At the side of the hospital, it is like a replica of the hospital look from the front, except for one shed that is located to the right of the side hospital. We decided to walk towards that shed...

Walking closer to the shed, we noticed how trees seem to be growing from the road, it is as if the road was overtaken by the foilage and there was nothing it could do. The tree was pretty strange. It was not very tall at all, and yet it stood solidarity there, almost quietly and trying not to make its presence felt.

Walking nearer to the shed, we were greeted by our second find. What seemed like an aluminium tray that is filled with some kind of brownish half burnt solid. We were not too sure what they were, but it certainly looks recent, out of place and certainly deliberately placed there for some sort of purpose. Our initial instincts were that it could be some kind of ritual being performed. But no signs of joss sticks or hell money though...

A closer look of what lies beside the aluminium tray reveals something bizarre. We found many packets of whatever we found half burnt in the tray. It looks like it was packets of kopi powder, but they certainly didn smell like kopi. It also raised suspicion whether these were packets of drugs and whether there was a major drug party here. Stories of drug users using such premises for their drug use is definitely well heard of, but never have I encountered the possibility of finding drugs all over the floor. We were unable to ascertain what the contents we found were, but it certainly raised eyebrows.

As we walked on around the side shed, we also noticed that there were some joss sticks on the window grills of the side shed. It was certainly burnt to the end, but it was only 1 joss stick. 2 hypothesis were raised. It could either be some sort of ritual or simply some groups having orientation camps and this is part of the night walk that they include. Back in 2006, we had seen NUS students having their orientation late here at night, during one of our explorations at night. So we cannot rule out purposely placed spooks objects.

The rooms that we explored had different outlook. This particular room looked like it is some kind of store, with the different shelves and cabinets that we found inside here. The room was in a bad state, water had creeped in and wood had fallen all over. More a case of the ades mosquitoes rather than anything spooky!

A different angle of the room above. On one of the planks of wood, on the left bottom of the picture, lies a little shallow bowl of some unknown substance again, lying nicely and peacefully on the plank. What is that? Again, this looks very deliberate and purposeful. Could be some sort of ritual object again...

We then explored the other rooms and suddenly, one dark room captured by attention! It was a room that was so dark we cannot really see what is inside. The wooden door was open, as if beckoning us to go in! And we captured something bizarre on camera. In this picture above, we noticed what looked like a human figure standing at the door, it had a head with hair, a greenish looking face, torso and even 2 legs that can be seen. Take a close look at the picture. You can even spot its shoes (circled red). It was as if it was a full figure apparition. Who was it? A patient from the past or a staff of the store coming out to ask us what we need? But upon deeper inspection, it seems more like the way the light is cast onto the room than something supernatural. But still, it is an intriguing find.

We then moved into what appeared to be some kind of generator, power room. It was filled with ventilation vents and other bulky looking things. Nothing here though. The powers had stopped, the vents not working and all was dead silence...

We then chanced upon another room, strangely similar to the previous one that we had seen something that looks like a figure standing outside. This room had the same look, the same opened door and the dark interior. But no figure whatsoever there! We wondered what these rooms operate as?

Further down the different walkway and corridor, we saw plenty of debris lying everywhere. The walls had cracked and pieces of ceiling fell to the ground. There was just litter everywhere and at times, we had to be careful navigating through the debris, if not we may fall down and hurt ourselves. The OCH has its own physical danger in daytime, just as it has its supernatural danger at night.

At times, the graffiti on the wall evoked some sense of humor and we couldn't help but laugh at the comic value of some of the words, like the one above, 'Han Bao Bao", which means Hamburger in Mandarin, sprayed onto the wall. We wonder what does it mean? A hamburger spirit? or just someone being bored and hungry?

In another one of the darker rooms, we chanced upon yet another aluminium tray with candles in it. This one was a round tray with tea lights in it. It could be yet another one of those fright night things planted by the orientation groups, or it could also be another sinister ritual taking place? Or perhaps some drug addicts burning and lighting up their drug?

We walked along to the end of the Changi Hospital, where there was a staircase up to the upper floors. We decided to walk up to see what lies ahead in the upper floors. We wanted to see how different things are and what other interesting things we can find in daytime...

The stairs retained its old retro look, with the square tiles and the wooden stair sides. As we walked up the steps, sometimes we wondered if we will be greeted with any thing at the top, or if someone is monitoring us from above as we walked up onto the steps. Yoo Hoo, anyone there?

Level 2: We walked out onto Level 2 and turing to the left side, we could see the passageway that leads to the patient wards of OCH. This particular section is the side where the words Changi Hospital is written, the section of the building that first greets us as we walked up to OCH. Let's see what there is around here. Strangely, as we are exploring, we ocassionally hear things dropping, and even sounds of glass dropping, going 'plllrrriiink'. It sometimes wakes up the entire place. Well, it could just be old things falling apart. Or is there someone around too? With us today? Thankfully the glass pieces or things do not fall on our heads!

The old entrances to the rooms, more signs of dust and dirt more than any thing else. Window panes were taken apart, probably as to prevent people from smashing up the place even more. Ocassionally we notice glass pieces on the floor, remnants of the fallen or smashed up pieces of panes.
This section of the place was pretty uneventful as it was just empty rooms where the beds used to be. The ocassional sinister graffiti still stands, but otherwise, everything seems just dead.

So we decided to head to the other end of OCH, away from this main building, where the other more deserted section of the hospital stands. The West Wing. Immediately, the entrance to the West Wing looks sinister by itself. There was a strange errie feel as we look in front of us where the West Wing is.

Some of the rooms at the West Wing were dark, filled with sinister messages also, while others were simple and normal. Over at this end of the building, we seem to notice more strange objects and the ocassional joss sticks, compared to the main building. It seems that there could be more activity here, or perhaps at least more appeasing is needed here.

Old rooms, with pictures of cartoonish monsters, are all over this place. Some words and letters didn make sense, others were just shapes.

More joss sticks found at the various switch points of the hospital. There is some truth that these electrical points sometimes emit EMF readings, and supernatural beings make use of these energy to feed itself, sometimes to even magnifest. Could this be an offering to appease these spirits? But again, going against Chinese customs, the joss sticks come in 2 rather than 3 or 1. Perhaps it is part of the orientation gimmicks again.

We found the lifts that used to operate and that we understand will lead to the mortuary. Obviously the lifts have stopped working. The lift is in a mess with debris and it has a certain lucid kind of smell coming from it. It smells of something stale and pungent. Urine? Or dead bodies? Perhaps the smell of dead bodies rising from the mortuary below?

Basically there were 2 kinds of lifts, the passenger lifts that are smaller, and the patient lift that is bigger. This metal lift should be the passenger lift as it is smaller. The lift pictures above this should be the patient lift as it is significantly bigger. It would give us a real big shock if suddenly, one of the lift starts to give up a 'tink' sound now!

Further on, we finally found the infamous SAF Medial Ward, where it is reputed that this is the psychiatric ward where soldiers of unsound minds were being kept or observed. This whole place certainly looks darker and the feel is heavier. The whole outlook of the place is also more errie and emits some negative feeling.

Piles of water are also visible here. Water is not good as it is also something that spirits strive on. Like they sometimes say, if you check into a hotel room or an empty house and you see a strange puddle of water, it is not good. There are alot of water here!

The water situation is so bad that algae and other dirt have formed up all over some of the rooms. A lone toilet bowl stands out in an empty room. But this does not look like a toilet as it is too big to be a toilet. We wondered what is this room about.

Moving on, water is still found everywhere. NEA should be concerned as this could jolly well be a potential Ades mosquito site! Not good at all! NEA, please go check the place!

The tear, algae and decay of the rooms here are very visible, almost sad and pitiful, as you can see from the picture above. They are falling apart, the paint is peeling and the algae is almost engulfing the whole room, slowly but surely. We wonder if the fan may just drop anytime as we speak!

Another level of the lift. This lift door is shut tight. If it suddenly starts to open, it will really freak us out indeed! We wonder if we should yank it open too, perhaps we will find a skeleton patient inside, forgotten and stuck in time, still waiting to be rolled into his ward.

Onto the 3rd level of the building, this place is airier and cooler, the place looks better, more clean and less dilapitated than the other blocks and rooms. It is almost as if someone had cleaned up and tied this place up!

Suddenly we chanced upon something freakish on the floor. An old, ruffed up Barbie Doll! Gagged and dirty, its as if someone had used it to do some ritual or perhaps at night, the real lady will be walking around. Its feet appeared gone, yanked out or something, and its white hair is messed up like a crazy lady. It seems to be wearing like a cheong sum looking dress. It definitely has a really sinister and strange look to it. We wondered why it is here and who left it here. Does it really come to life at night? Has anyone encountered a pink lady with white hair at OCH at night? If you have, this doll could be linked to it. Her hands are pointed in one direction, as if telling us to go left. Should we follow her pointing?

Strangely, to the left of where the hand is pointing, we found what appeared to be some sort of altar! Now this looks like a more genuine ritual piece, as there are candles and joss sticks inside the cups that used sand to hold the joss sticks and candles. We found the same kind of tea lights from just now. It was strange how the hand pointed us to this altar. Perhaps it is trying to tell us something? Is there some story behind the strange Barbie Doll and this ritual altar?

Nearby we saw a mirror. Mirrors always have strange looks to it, cos you never know what will reflect back. There appears to be some marks on the mirror, what appear to be a big botch of marking. But nothing much though...Maybe the Barbie Doll lady will appear in this mirror at night and look back at you!

Now this is a scene i dont like. Satanic, spirital diagrams. Whether it is for fun or what, such diagrams evoke spirits and can unwittingly become the door way that allows things from the other side to come through. This diagram is big. There is an arrow on top stating the direction to which this becomes a portal. It further makes me dont like it even more. Why do people have to dabble with such stuff? Its like playing with fire. If you are bored, go do other things.

There are big diagrams, small ones, all over this floor. I do believe that here, people try to play with evil worshipping. The doll could also be one such object that acts as mediums to allow things to come through. We decided to continue moving up the floor, to the 4th level.

Same old steps, same old feel. Somehow it also feels like the higher we go up, the more strange things we will find. It is almost as if someone is silently guiding and urging us to go up and discover the place!

A darker alleyway and it leads us to something dark at the end. It looks intriguing. We will go there later, but first we decided to explore the area around here.

Here, we found alot of Tibetian flags. These are common flags that we sometimes find at old abandoned houses. These are traditional Tibetian Buddhist flags that are rectangular pieces of cloth strung onto a string and placed from one end to the other end. Commonly found in mountains and ridges, this flags are used to bless places. The different colours represent the different elements and when all 5 elements are present, it represents balance. Blue (sky), White (Air), Red (Fire), Green (Water), Yellow (Earth) are the 5 elements. All are present above.

According to Tibetian tradition, "by hanging flags in high places the "Wind Horse" will carry the blessings depicted on the flags to all beings. As wind passes over the surface of the flags which are sensitive to the slightest movement of the wind, the air is purified and sanctified by the Mantras."

Is there a reason why this place needs to be blessed? Well, it could just be a symbol of peace, since whoever that places the flags here obviously knows there is alot of restless spirits, and with all the Satanic diagrams and negative energy here, this gesture is like trying to balance things out and provide some positive energy. Very thoughtful indeed!

According to another soruce, the "coloured flags were also used to help appease the local gods and spirits of the mountains, valleys, lakes and streams. These elemental beings, when provoked were thought to cause natural disasters and disease. Balancing the outer elements and propitiating the elemental spirits with rituals and offerings was the Bonpo way of pacifying nature and invoking the blessings of the gods." Perhaps some spirits were provoked and this flags (that looked quite new actually) were placed to appease the angry spirits.

Nearby we found some beer bottles and a cigarette box. The cigarette box was full, so it is certainly not people here for some drink and smoke, but it points strongly to an offering? Mysterious...nearby we saw somemore joss sticks, as it points more to some kind of ritual or offering indeed.
More strange bottles lying around, near the walls of the room, as we wonder what they could be...
More of the religious Tibetian flags were found at different sections of the room...why is there such a strong need to bless the place here? are there some sinister dark forces that we cannot see up here?
Ruins of an old male toilet. Toilets always draw facination both from paranormal enthutiasts, as well as horror film directors. This toilet was thankfully, an ordinary looking, pretty modern one with typical blue tiles for the males.

As we walked around each place, it is the sight of the lifts that make us kinda skip a heartbeat, not knowing when the lift doors may suddenly open or we hear a 'tink' sound. But thankfully, nothing on this occasion.

From the side view, the place is really in a state of sorry dispair. Each ceiling seem like it is collapsing and there is real danger, not the paranormal kind, but the physical kind, for us as we stepped around.

Quite a nice view, it has to be said, taking this shot from the side view of the upper block. One can imagine the possibility of the foilage taking over the whole building if nothing is done to OCH in the next 10 years...
We found some textbooks on the ground at the upper level as we explored. Curious, we opened up the book to see if we can find any reference or clue as to what is the nature of the book or the date of the book.

Who threw or left this book here? why was it left here and not cleared? and why is the page left at that particular page? what book is it, really? what are the origins? more mystery as we took a closer look at the book...

Looks like it was some sort of manual for some communication stuff. Printed 1981. Looks like it could have been a book left here for some while, as in this age of communication and telecom, people will not be reading this as it would have been seriously obselete. So it could really be a sign that this is left here for some while already...

More dark corridors and spaces. This part looks relatively clean and deliberately cleared up for some reason. Unlike other parts where the ruins and dirt lie scattered, this part it seemed like even the dirt was swept to the right hand side of the picture! Hmm who was here, or has been cleaning this space? An old cleaner spirit of the past?

A pretty spooky link to other rooms. This side looked relatively more messy than the other side. strange.

We then found a very very dark room and our hearts started beating really fast. In this bright day light, this particular room was so dark that even our camera had difficulty shooting pictures with the flash. It was really a spooky place and we wondered if this could be the dreaded mortuary and post mortem room. We found some special looking switched and plug holes and wondered what were they for..

Under the extreme darkness, we tried our best to point and shoot, it was so dark that i even had to brighten up the pictures digitally to even shed some light to the interesting switches we found. Anyone from the medical field that can give us some clues to what are the function of these switches?

On the floor, we kept tripping on things and finding strange ash like looking things on the ground. Could they be burnt body parts? The whole place felt really really heavy and the silence was so stifling that it made us feel a little uneasy. What is this place really?

More strange switches. We really hope someone out there reading our posts can come up and share with us what special function these medical switches are for. So that we can be more certain where this interesting and spooky place is.

We found a switch that seemed damage or burnt. The charred left side of the switch adds on to the mystery and the intrigue of this whole room. And the existence of a single joss sticks makes us wonder even more.
Just outside the room, it was still dark but better, as we finally could see shades of light. it warmed us up considerably. We were still trying to compose ourselves from that very dark strange room.
We walked on through the corridor and towards an open space near the end. What lies ahead?

More graffiti are found here, indicating that at this place, it seems like there are more people activity as compared to the dark room where except for the single joss stick, there was no indication that people were around or fooling around. Perhaps even the people knew not to fool around in that room.

Finally we were led out to come open space compound, it was as if this was another part of the hospital that is assessible to vehicles, as there was road and a sign that says no parking.

More strange aluminium trays and strange looking ritual kind of ornament or objects were found. Again, we were not sure what they were..the water inside the tray was brownish red, stale looking water. Dried blood perhaps?

A bicycle lay on the ground, its chain rusted but otherwise it looked ok. What is the story behind this abandoned bicycle? surely someone has rode up here and something happened...
Certainly alot of people activity here as the walls of this place was glittered with graffiti, some extending all the way up the walls. people did stay here quite a while to do up this place indeed...

A single Tibetian flag line across the hospital wall, from one end to the other. Again, a strong sign that there should be quite a bit of yin energy here that warrants for whoever who puts this flags across.
This place really looks overgrown with death and silence and dirtiness. somehow..

Nearby we spotted a few boxes of milk laid nicely alongside each other, near the vegetation. Immediately we know that this is not some random people who likes to drink milk or who had bought milk to feed cats (if so they would have done it on a tray). This is an offering ritual. In particular it is a strong sign that someone is feeding spirits or providing offerings to spirits, not ordinary spirits but baby spirits. Could they be offering to the babies who died in the hospital?

A close up of the milk boxes reveal its brand. In line with the kind of milk we drink, perhaps not babies, but more of little kids. Could there be little kids spirits around here? And the fact that there are many boxes could indicate the presence of more than one kid around. This place is certainly suspicious.

Another angle of which the flags were being placed across one end of the wall to the other...
More joss sticks found nearby. Someone is indeed praying here or offering and doing some ritual here.

Now this little golden ornaments we found in the tray is starting to look like some particular kind of item but we had no idea what, they could be used for some specific purpose or ritual tool .Beside it a bottle of lychee drink. Who likes lychee?

More aluminium trays are found outside the houses. More burnt ashes of something, possibly hell money or something.

The ashes that remains. We wonder what was the original contents of the item that was burnt.

Then at the side of the thick bushes, our hearts nearly jumped when we thought we saw a human shadow or figure. Turns out it is a mannequin! What is it even doing here and who brought it up here?! in the dark, this thing will certainly make people think there is something. From the shape of it, it is quite obvious that it is that of a female. But what is it about and is it part of the ritual that we see around here? the mystery deepens...

Ruins inside a room beside where the mannequin is found. Alot of old furniture and some old stuff. looks like it is part of some store or junk room...

An old shoe, somehow, we hope this is not part of some murder mystery of a woman who is being tortured and raped before the body is disposed somewhere. That saying, why would anyone wana wear high heels shoes up all the way here????

Finally we moved back down and into the real safety of normal roads and scenary. This investigation at OCH threw up alot of interesting finds, objects and items that if we do our investigation at night, we probably will not be able to see or observe. So it is a very fruitful exploration. Certainly makes us wonder more and ponder about the existence of all the items we chanced upon and saw. To our next location: the abandoned swimming pool!

Yes there it is, tucked nicely near towards the impressive Duxton, lies an abandoned swimming pool. Some of you might have remembered or even been there before, it is the old Yan Kit Swimming Complex. Today it is a forgotten place, dried up and lost amidst the bussle of the CBD just a stone's throw away.

This place is pretty normal, as it reflects a simple place that has become dis-used and no longer in operation. It does not look paranormal at all, to be honest. It has a peace and serenity that pictures the rather rustic and quaint neighbourhood that surrounds it, strange considering this is CBD!

Even a Singapore flag is placed here at the entrance, meaning that someone is still remembering the compounds...

The old sign board that illustrates that this place is indeed the Yan Kit Swimming Complex! The Singapore Sports Council logo stands on top.

We reckon that this complex has been left vacant for about 20 years. Some retro looking tiles and pictures can still be seen inside that are things associated with the late 1970s through to the 80s...
Nearby there are blocks of HDB that surrounds this abandoned swimming complex. We wonder if residents hear anything strange or people diving, while at night.

This pool is probably in transition as the government thinks of how to reuse this piece of land. perhaps when the duxton is built, perhaps something will happen to this place...

We leave you with some more pictures of the uneventful abandoned swimming pool exploration:

And with this it ends our expedition 7 to a variety of places! it had been a fun day time exploration nonetheless and we enjoyed the day out!

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