Friday, February 12, 2010

Frustrated Exploration - Around Mount Pleasant

Had time to spare, so decided to pop by to a road near Mount Pleasant to check out the old houses there. It was approaching sunset and i thought it will be a nice scene under the backdrop of the setting sun and yellowish glow.
Didn't expect that as i took some pictures, policemen from the nearby Old Police Academy actually ran up to me to 'interrogate me', thinking that i was a terrorist trying to spy on the buildings and plant bombs?! But i did nothing wrong. I explained to them: I didn't stray into any fence i am not supposed to go into, there was no 'no entry' sign. There was one but i never ventured past there (even though i could). The road is a free road, there was no signs saying i cannot enter. And certainly NO signs saying i cannot take pictures!

Come on! can't I be a simple paranormal interest group person just taking pictures and appreciating the sunset scenes against the backdrop of the old buildings that do not pose any security threat?! Unless the police now has special 'weapons' in the form of a paranormal force and entity that are 'staying in these houses'? Take a look at the beautiful pictures and tell me if those pictures i took are threats to national security and if taking them will give me top secret info about Singapore's Police Force. Come on!

Aren't the pictures scenic and pretty? Isn't it as simple as that? Well, anyway i allowed myself to entertain them for a while as all the yada yada about taking my particulars and all came in. But in the end, they couldn't do anything to me too, cos I did nothing wrong. Heh. Cheers to wholesome paranormal exploration.
We would also like to stress to everyone that Ghost Club SG DO NOT encourage trespassing. Respect is one of our values and that includes respecting places and laws as well. If you have such a stand, and make sure you take steps to safeguard yourself against anything against the law, there is nothing you should be afraid of.
Signing off,
Mr T

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